Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Ava celebrated her first 4th of July!!!! We took her to see the fireworks and at first she didn't love the loud noises the fireworks made, but she loved watching them. She was a trooper and stayed up way past her bedtime.

She turned 14 months old on July 3rd. She is babbling all the time and now says "Dada" and points to Bruce. I have to admit I am a little jealous since I am with her all day long and still haven't gotten a "Mama" out of her yet! She is pulling herself up and moving around, but not walking on her own yet. I think we are just a few weeks away from that happening.

We have taken her to the pool several times now and she LOVES the water! I really have to watch her because she is not fearful of the water at all. Her personality is really beginning to shine thru. She loves to be tickled and teased.....she is going to have quite a sense of humor!

The girls have been out of school for 2 weeks and she really likes having the girls around. There is always somebody there to play with her!


Kristen said...

WOW She is adorable! I have been thinking about you and sweet Ava. She is built just like Samantha - those chubby cheeks are delicious! I hope things are going well. She is so precious! Kristen

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