Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It was a very Happy Halloween at our house

October 31st was a great day! Not only did the kids have fun trick-or-treating, but we also found out our dossier was mailed to Ethiopia that day! In the "adoption world" we call that DTE (dossier to Ethiopia). Now we are officially WFR (waiting for a referral). Lots of new terms to learn along the way. It was such a great feeling to know things are moving in this process. We have officially been put on the "waiting list" for a baby girl and from what I can determine (through informal tracking), we are about 30th in line for a baby girl.

As we go along in this process, we learn more and more about the conditions and circumstances of the Ethiopian people. Right now, there is a severe shortage of formula for the orphans. Can you imagine that even happening here in the US? The problem is not that they can't afford's that they do not have it at all! Families from our agency who have been traveling recently to bring their children home have been taking over formula cans in big rubbermaid containers. The cost is quite high to transport it as extra luggage, but still cheaper than shipping it over. It definitely puts things in perspective and makes me appreciate the abundance we have in this country.

So now we begin a new phase of the adoption process and we look forward to receiving a phone call one day next summer telling us our baby daughter is waiting for us to come and get her!