Thursday, April 29, 2010

Into the Streets of Ethiopia

If you click on the button to the right you will see a great blog that has been set up by another family who adopted from Ethiopia. They are working with a man named Robel who works with America World Adoption ( our adoption agency) and also has set up a ministry to help the children who live in the streets of Ethiopia.

I think everyone who has traveled to Ethiopia and experienced all that we did cannot walk away without being transformed. It's encouraging to see families from our agency getting involved and helping to change these children's lives.

Monday, April 19, 2010

11 months

Ava turned 11 months old while we were on Spring Break. That was her first time to see the ocean/beach. She really liked the sand, but wasn't crazy about the ocean. I wasn't sure how she would do on this trip because we drove to Flordia and then were on a cruise for 7 days. She was great! She is the most laid back baby I have ever seen!
She is still working on crawling. She now army crawls all over our downstairs. The other day I found her playing with the dog water bowl. She loves exploring and banging on anything that makes noise. Her top 2 teeth are just coming thru. She has been sleeping thru night for over 6 weeks and life is much better (for both of us). Now that the weather is nice, she loves going outside and going for walks in her stroller.
I can't believe she has been home with us for nearly 4 months........she is changing and growing everyday and her birthday is just around the corner. Originally, we were planning to have a big party for her, but lately, she isn't comfortable around large groups of people, so we'll just do a small family birthday.
She is just so much fun at this age and she makes us laugh everyday!