Saturday, March 28, 2009

5 months of waiting!

We have officially been on the wait list for 5 months! The time is flying by and I am thankful that it has. When we turned in our dossier last October, I wondered how I was going to wait so long to meet Ava, but now we are at the half way point or closer.

Another little tidbit of info I should share is that we expanded the age range by just a bit. Originally we had requested an infant up to 12 months and now we have expanded that to 18 months. That may not seem huge to people in the non-adoption world, but as I looked at the waiting list, I realized most families request children under the age of one. So what about those babies that may be over one, but still need forever families? My heart breaks for them and we all decided that maybe our Ava would be several months older than we originally planned. It adds a little suspense now...will she be tiny (3-9 months) or a little older? We should find out soon!

Our adoption agency has given out about 16-20 referrals this month and it's exciting to see our name move up the list. I think we are currently #29 overall (some families adopted siblings, so that's why my numbers from last month don't match up with this month). Since we have changed the age range we are #13 for a baby girl, but #5 for a girl up to 18 months. The other 8 families are requesting up to 12 months. I don't want to get too anxious, but if the agency keeps up this pace, we could receive a referral in the next few months.

We talk about Ava everyday and she has already become a part of our family. Her room is starting to look like a nursery......she has a crib, changing table, and dresser. We still need to hang some curtains and put the final touches on it, but my heart races everytime I walk into the room. I think about her......half-way around the world......not knowing about the family in Virginia who can't wait to meet her and love her forever.